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Welcome to my playable demo of ICARUS! - Love letter to my favourite shoot-em-ups of the 16-bit / 32-bit era!

It's a side (and possibly 45 degree and vertically) scrolling, classic shoot-em-up...

Currently early in development, but I already have a big chunk of the first level playable!

Also features a SUPERB chip-inspired music track - "My Pixels Are Weapons", very kindly given permission for me for use in the game by Soundcloud's "!Cube":- https://soundcloud.com/cube-5   ...Awesome guy! - check out his stuff!  :D 

Controls are Joypad or Cursor keys - Keys are (and are re-definable!):-

"Z" = Fire Shot/Missile (2 max at once, for each player or drone)
"X" = Launch Bomb (2 max at once, for each player or drone)
"A" = Charge Beam (or FIRE if set to auto-charge!)

"C" or Left Shoulder Button = Speed DOWN (minimum 1)
"V" or Right Shoulder Button = Speed UP (maximum 5)

"ESC" =Restart level / exit menu.

Gameplay recording 'almost' works flawlessly, but need to tweak more random stuff to well, be pseudo-random, so it doesn't mess 'playback' up...  :D )

Ultimately intending to release on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and possibly other platforms, if enough interest!

Gameplay demo's:-



...and robo-snakes....   :D

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJapster's Cavern

Install instructions

Simply download, extract and play! - Progress is saved to your user data area, so it doesn't matter where you run it from, or install updated versions to...  Have fun, and please, PLEASE feedback to me on how you find it to play!  :D


Icarus.zip 97 MB

Development log


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Just started playing it and loving it so far. It's giving me nostalgia from the retro gaming days! Very good game.


Ah, thanks for replying mate! - *REALLY* appreciate the kind words!  :D

Yeah, I spent ages trying to get the ship control to 'feel' right, and the multiple scroll speeds and zooming working smoothly - I'm now finding I'm 'playtesting' it far more than I should, which is probably a positive!  ;)

Thanks again for the kind feedback mate, it's the first I've had, and most appreciated! - Will be adding a LOT more to the game as dev goes on!