Brand new game mode preview added!

Well, I've been busy (again!)...

     ...with a (playable!) NEW GAME MODE preview! - "Pixel Reveal!"

Each puzzle is hidden by a random selection of boxes, removed one at a time, slowly, in the preview (or by a tap/keypress once implemented!), and the object is to correctly guess which game it is (from a choice of 5 slowly revealing game names), in the smallest amount of moves / fastest time, from the parts of the screen that are revealed!

See what you think! - This mode uses ALL of the original/classic loading and title screens ONLY, for your chosen system, to test your knowledge of 1,000's of classic games! - I figured hey, if all of the screens are already in there, why not add it!

Every single game / puzzle is cut up randomly every time, and I'll be adding the option of choosing how many / few pieces they are covered up by... 🙂

The FULL build will have timed or untimed rounds of either 10, 20, 30 etc screens, or alternatively a mode where you can guess as many as you can, correctly, before your lives are lost with incorrect guesses, to score a total and average score per screen... 🙂

You will be ranked on best score, so guessing with the least removed pieces for relaxed mode, or for the fastest correct answer in timed mode, will show who's best!

I'm also going to be adding PARTY mode! - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 players, all with a controller (think touch-screen devices, or PC with PS2/PS3 BUZZ controllers, keys, joypads, etc) and the fastest correct answer wins, across rounds....

Should be fun!... 


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Feb 14, 2021

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